Lights over Kimberley

Date: 13/04/2016
Time: 06:36 pm
Place: Kimberley
Submitted by: Pieter Venter

Was travelling from Boshoff towards Kimberley. About 10km. east of Kimberley, towards the north West, I saw lights. First thought it was a aeroplane, but there were no strobe lights , navigation lighs or red beacons visable, just a row of white lights, 6 or more. I am a pilot and there was no way the “plane” was flying in my direction or the direction of the airport. It was stationary. After about 30 seconds, in the blink of an eye, the lights were gone. The viability was good above the horison but there was nothing.

One thought on “Lights over Kimberley

  1. I saw the same object over centurion. Firts thought it was a flock of ducks, due to the formation of the lights. Thought it was the reflextion of the city lights on them, but ducks dont fly at night and there was no sound at all. It moved fast and disappeared real quick.

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