Lights Moving in Unison – Pretoria

Time and date: 27/02/2014 at 21:05
Place: Suburb Rietfontein, Pretoria
Submitted by: Gerhard Versfeld

I was looking straight up at the stars while talking on the phone.
The two objects came down from a higher altitude and also became brighter as it was decending. Descent was very fast.

The lights did not only get brighter but moved apart and it was then clear that it was decending.
The object/objects consisted of two lights at a height of approxamately 3000-4000 feet. This is my impression.

The two lights started to move in perfect unison VERY slow, in south-south-easterly direction for about 30 seconds. The objects were not perpendicular or in a following line consistent with direction of travel. Off by approx 40 degrees.

In this short time span each light released a smaller yet equally bright object and each making exact maneuver. After this the lights started to dim ever so slihtly but shot away in an accent giving the impression from my perspective as if moving into a hole above or swithing off before dissapearing from view.

No sound and the light seemed very “clean”
I have read 12th Planet and also the other works of Sitchin.
I am also very interested in conneting with intellectual individuals in SA concerning this subject.
My daughter was with me and saw the same.

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