Lights in the sky near Heidelberg

Date: 30/10/2018
Time: 05:50 pm
Place: Heidelberg Gauteng
Submitted by: Joe


I was driving on the N3 south towards Heidelberg, about 20km away from Heidelberg when I saw a few bright lights up in the sky. I was talking on the phone and mentioned to the other person that I’m seeing these strange lights. The lights were not moving and staying in the area I know that there are no masts this high. At times the were only one or two lights, but at one stage there were more than 20. This lasted for probably about 5 minutes. I wanted to get closer to take photos but then suddenly all the lights were gone. The photo taken was by someone else who posted it on Facebook.

One thought on “Lights in the sky near Heidelberg

  1. We interviewed two men who saw this phenomenon two years ago, also around October, near Barberton. They watched the lights for about 30 minutes, drove home (50km) and could still see them. A few days later a taxi driver saw the same lights in USA and was able to take a video. Our interview is available on fb/Suburb.News

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