Light in sky in krugerdorp

Date: 09/09/2016
Time: 07:20 pm
Place: wilro park/ roodekrans
Submitted by: Fred


Was having a smoke and looked westwards and saw what looked like Venus about 10 to 15 degrees above horizon, quite red then it got brighter to blue white and out shone any star visible. It was stationary and then went to red and faded to almost nothing, then went to blue white again. Ran inside to get my phone and camera, battery flat on camera, phone blocked out by street lights, sadly could not photograph it.

phoned my mate who lives about 5 km away and asked him if he would like to see a ufo. gave him the general direction and he went out with binoculars and saw it as well.

So we were on our cell phones at the same time and when this thing faded from my view, he could clearly see it and visa versa. this carried on for about 5 minutes. It then disappeared, however I stayed outside and it reappeared, I phoned him again and he saw it again.

I then took a compass and triangulated it on google maps from my house and got his bearings as well. it was over factoria in krugersdorp or further, between 6 to 9 km away. I estimated it to be at about 500 to 700 meters high in the sky. It lasted for about 7 to 10 minutes in the same position in the sky.

So either somebody has a really fancy drone, with some serious lights on it or this was a ufo. It was not a Chinese lantern, I have seen many of those. A few minutes later a jet flew into lanseria airport on approach from the south with its landing lights on, and this thing was much brighter than that.

Can a drones lights be that intense and last that long at that distance, dont know?

One thought on “Light in sky in krugerdorp

  1. Just venus seen through the pollution of Gauteng. Did the same for 3 nights in a row. Red colour was the sand and pollen in the air, and the wind moving the dust around caused the optical illusion of flashing white and red light…..sorry false alarm….but it looked so strange. Just shows how we see things that are not there….

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