light ball across the sky in 2 seconds near table mountain

Date: 01/02/2016
Time: 09:50 pm
Place: claremont, cape town
Submitted by: rob

bright light appeared and went from over my head to out of sight within about 2-3 seconds with no sound, no light trail, near table mountain that should have been visible to anyone outside at that time for a great distance.

4 thoughts on “light ball across the sky in 2 seconds near table mountain

  1. I had a full view UFO Sighting on Wednesday 24 February 2016 approximately midnight. The object lit in Green lights hovered between Table Mountain then shot across Lionshead, and finally darted off into the abyss, all lights disappearing with great magnitude .. Was Magnificent Spectacular, Mesmerising!

  2. We saw three orange lights behaving strangely out over the sea in camps bay last night New Year’s Eve 2016. We thought we were going mad, but it seems we were not the only people to have the experience.

  3. Wow, I witnessed the same thing tonight.

  4. Yes me and my partner witnessed the same we live in Fresnaye and we heard people on lions head scream as the huge fireball approached ….we thought it was going to hit the mountain.
    It was literally a jaw dropping experience for us.

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