Laser Beam UFO seen in Cape Town, 1999

Place: Belhar, Cape Town
Time and date: 03:00am 12 July 1999
Submitted by: Nasheet Abrahams

There is a nature reserve across a railway line behind a normal wire fence. I drove past the field and saw a bright blue light about 0,5 metres wide like a large laser beam from the ground up to low clouds. I stopped and stared at it trying to make sense of what I am seeing and could not see any source of the light.

I decided to fetch my uncle who was down the road. thinking I am probably just over thinking this. When we got back to the site it was still there but this time the cloud was much lower. We got out of the car and stood up against the fence to have a good look at the light.

My uncle a religious man was stunned an silent. It was like a scene from a movie and it all looked like a movie set. We had an electric eerie feeling in the air. Looked up and could see the cloud as it seemed to form the shape something. That’s when my uncle said to leave at once as he felt something bad. We got in the car with absolute stunned silence.

He told me not to tell anyone. I was 23 at the time he 50. I didn’t see or hear from him for 2 weeks. Then he turned up and said he had gone through as much religious Islamic books as he can and not anywhere does it state that what we saw could NOT exist. So he believed what we saw was something not from this world. This made me feel much better as I had sought of put it out of mind as just some weird experience . Upon him saying we saw what we saw I felt OK I saw a UFO.

To this day the spot where the light hit the ground nothing grows.

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