Large White Light | Centurion

Place: Centurion, Gauteng
Time and date: 21:00 on 2/1/2013
Submitted by: Johann

We saw a bright white light moving fast from west to east while star gazing. It was at a +/- 70 degree elevation, north from us. No sound and definitely in our atmosphere. It was also far too bright and large for a low orbital satellite.

Never saw anything like it ever and the next evening (3/1/2013 at 21:30), same thing, same general direction (west to east), south of us at a +/- 60 degree elevation.

Has anyone else seen this?

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  1. Yip we also a very large bright light for a few seconds then it disappeared.
    Saw it on Saturday 5th Jan 2013 @ around 2am.
    We were in the Pretoria East area on the Boschkop Road.

  2. i saw what i initially was a shooting star or maybe a flare but i since realized it could not have been either !
    i had arrived home at our flat in cheltondale johannesburg about 7 pm on Jan 4th and opened my window to speak to the security about something when this bright white pulsating light the size of a small plane went over soundlessly from north to south ! it was travelling as fast as a jet aeroplane !

    Then saw a large black cylindrical object floating from west to east at about 4.30 pm on the 11th Jan in Bedfordview ! it looked exactly like the ufo’s in the one video sent in in Jan where there is a large black cylinder and two other objects that appear to rapidly merge with the black cylinder !

  3. 2 sightings:
    31 January 2013 around 19:55 and 20:00. +-5 minutes apart.

    Location: Gauteng; Centurion; Roohuiskraal North – Mall at Reds area.

    Sighting 1. First noticed an orange light that looked as if it hovered over the Amberfield Glen / Raslouw area. It slowly moved to the north. Went out of view. I was in my car driving home, so I could not keep my eye on it.

    Sighting 2. An orange light moving from east to west and then turning to the north.
    It came into view from the Pretoria East / Waterkloof area.
    It went out of view over the Pretoria West/Attridgeville area.
    It pulsated just before going out of view.

    The size of the orange light is similar to an aircraft at cruising altitude.

    My thoughts were that it could be a lantern of some kind, but it seemed to be higher and also moving faster. When it appeared to hover it seemed to be at the same place.

    When it moved, the movement was consistent with the wind direction though.

    Weather conditions:
    Windy. Blowing from the South.
    Partly cloudy – high clouds. There were also local fog like clouds / low clouds east of my location (that would be over central Centurion).
    Can’t remember seeing the moon.

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