Large orange balls sighted on 20 December in Cape

Place: Lakeside
Time and date: 20 December 2012 at 21h10
Submitted by: Andrea

Out walking the dogs last night between 21h10 and 21h40: Facing Constantiaberg from Lakeside area, a large orange ball suddenly appeared below the moon. There was a burst of energy as it grew larger and brighter in size for about 10 seconds and then slowly grew smaller until we couldn’t see it any longer.

While still discussing this, we turned towards The Muizenberg and saw two of the same objects. They were moving this time, up and down and eventually headed towards each other, seemed to merge together and then separated.

One headed in a downwards direction and the other went upwards. Same story, they seemed to ignite and then slowly burn out.

We eliminated the possibility of these being flares due to the movement. Also meteors do not behave in that manner. Definitely looked like controlled movement. There was no noise whatsoever.

Anyone else see these?


Cathy also contacted us with this report:

Place: Camps Bay
Time: At 9 – 10:30 PM.

Anyone see the UFOs over Camps Bay last night? 2 took off 10 minutes apart over the sea and headed West. Orange (like a street light) quiet. It moved really quickly almost like a helicopter and faded.

The hour later one returned hovered over the football field high up and then also faded. The last one came back to near the shore and faded quite quickly.

It was the most amazing evening and my husband and I were sitting on our deck looking out at sea. We were dumb founded. Took a photo but the zooms not good so it’s just a tiny orange pinhead.


These two sightings seem to be very similar. Did anyone else see something like this on 20 December?

The next report is about a bright reddish star also seen in Camps Bay on the same day.

Place: Camps Bay
Time: 22h15
Submitted by: Soofs

When I stepped outside of the resturarant, I saw a bright reddish star like object high up in the sky. The oject remained there for about a minute or so, before disappearing. I researched the sighting on the www, only to discover that there have been a number of similar sighting especially in Cape Town, reporting that this was a possible ufo sighting. What I have confirmed however, is that what we all saw is some sort of iridium flare. check out or google “how to find an iridium flare”. to find what you looking saw.

8 thoughts on “Large orange balls sighted on 20 December in Cape

  1. In Australia watched numberous moving objects for 2 hours, 2 moved from north to south in perfect sync

  2. saw the exact same thing tonight in chatsworth durban, looked like chinese lanterns!!!

  3. I am amazed…We were watching the moon set on 20th quite late after midnight sometime..and we saw a very red section at the bottom of the moon and on the left a smokey hazy cloud and then the moon was setting too far down and quickly for us to see more. A very pretty sight.

  4. I think I just saw the same thing tonight at about 11:45. My whole family saw it in Plumstead. could have been towards Tablebay side but I can’t be sure. We watched for about 15 minutes. A group of 3 bright, round orange lights appeared in a triangular formation just under the moon, completely silent. I thought “flares” but then they formed an arc shape and slowly back into a perfect triangle, hovering and the moving very, very slowly downward and then up to the right in a totally synchronised triangle. 2 of the lights faded out leaving one which became brighter and moved off at a faster pace to the right, finally flickering out and then blinking back into view in the same area of the sky about 5 minutes later. No airplane lights I’ve ever seen! Possibly Chinese lanterns? But in a perfect triangle? Leigh 24 Dec 2012

  5. Two of them, from Randburg Johannesburg on the night of 21st December.
    I lean to the explanation of them being Chinese lanterns, although I have never seen those before. They looked pretty much exactly as the sighting recorded above on 20th December.

  6. Me and my family saw the same orange lights in Kleinmond at around 21h00 (25th of Desember 2012)… First I thought it could be a helicopter, but there was no sound at all! Please keep me updated.

  7. I saw the redidsh orange light described by most of you from Camps bay on 20 December 2012. After researching the subject on the www, I think it is very likely that what we all saw was an iridium flare. Check out or google “how to find an iridium flare” to confirm what you saw.

  8. Morning All

    Well, what a evening. I am pleased to read that i am not the only person who saw these lights. I live in Constantia (Cape Town) near Kendal Road – i have a deck one story up which more often than not gets me outside of an evening just enjoying the view. Returned home from Kelvin Grove around 20:30 (26th Dec 2012) and unpacked from our Christmas visits and so forth. We then were on the deck just chatting and my girlfriend quickly said “look at the light behind you!”. To explain the location, it was almost a case that it dropped from high up near Lakeside (by the mountain), then is suddenly started moving almost closer to us as if it were going to crash near the Constantiaberg Medi Clinic. It was rather large (20 cent piece) in size, orange in colour and almost a fiery blur, we ran to the front of the premises to get a closer view and to our surprise it was gone – no noise emitted either.

    We were completely shocked, no sooner than 10 minutes later if that the same type of orange/red blur above the corner of table mountain appeared, moved east and disappeared into the night sky – but this happened twice after that and the third one almost got slightly bigger – stopped for a short while – then in very speedily movement pushed upwards so quickly and eventually disappeared.

    This all got me so interested i was up watching till 01:00am with nothing else to report – what on earth could this have been – i know what i saw but have no further explanation for it?


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