Krugersdorp UFO sighting

Place: Krugersdorp
Time and date: 9pm on the 3rd May 2013
submitted by: YM

My boyfriend and I were on our way from Johannesburg to the Tarlton raceway located in Krugersdorp. We were about 15 minutes away from reaching our destination when the sighting occurred. I couldn’t help but notice the vast amount of stars in the sky that night. Considering we were away from the city and into a moreso remote region of the province, it became evident we were witnessing stars we had never seen before. The road we were on was poorly lit and there were hardly any passing vehicles. The road we traveled on was smack in the middle of tall trees through which one could not see much. Focusing on the road ahead, my boyfriend and I simultaneously exclaimed out of shock as this is what we saw…

What appeared to be an ordinary star to the far right hand side of the sky suddenly shot downwards towards us as if it were on some sort of collision course. The light was ever so bright, not like anything either of us had ever witnessed before. The strange part was that it flew in a vertical line downwards towards us at an extremely high velocity then paused briefly and then shot off in an L- shape pattern towards the far left hand side of the sky. Once appearing on the left the bright light decreased to its original star size and began pulsating a vibrant red and silver colour. We were in absolute shock and disbelief that we had actually viewed a UFO. The road was baron. I guess we were naive to have thought we were alone all along.

The craft moved in directions unknown to ordinary flight crafts we know of, its speed was magnificent and the fact it produced absolutely no sound was mind boggling. We carried on driving towards our destination and I managed to follow the pulsating light with my eyes until it finally moved out of sight. Anyway, once we reached the raceway and were about 30 minutes into watching the races, we both noticed a bright light again. It pulsated bright metallic and within minutes it traveled out of our sight. We still do not know what to make of this incident but perhaps it is possible that those stars we viewed initially were not all ordinary “stars” in the night sky after all.

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