Kraaifontein UFO in 2006

rectangular UFO in Kraaifontein

In 2006 me and 4 friends was taking a stroll at about 3AM, we where walking along the railway tracks between Kraaifontein and Joostenberg Vlakte when I saw which looked like a shooting star with light tail, approach from the Paarl distance over the horizon. It headed towards us with insane speed, but when it seemed like it would go overhead it stopped dead in its tracks above us.

It was massive (I am guessing 300m in length, 30m in height and 100m in width), rectangular shaped (exactly like the picture I posted with this) but it was aflame from our atmospheric resistance + the insane speed, almost like a hot iron. It hovered for 3 seconds total, there was side windows, when suddenly it shot straight to the stars and disappeared within 1 second. I honestly felt like I was in a movie.

rectangular UFO in Kraaifontein

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