Klerksdorp strange light in 1970s

Time and date: June or July 1971 – 1972 at night
Place: Klerksdorp
Submitted by: Jan van Zuydam

i know this is years back but my mother is still alive to verify what I am about to tell you, if iam correct it was the year 1971-1972 June or July a Sunday night traveling home after a church meeting about 21 h 30. we lived outside of town at the Klerksdorp dam caravan park,our home was a caravan with side tents.

As we were traveling leaving behind the town lights ,it was a dark moonless knight,some kilometers outside town there was a blue gum plantation. just before we entered the plantation on the left side of the road about 6 M away from our car,a bright round Amber light the size of a small Car jumps of the ground I recon about 2 to 3 m of the ground,it dipped and flashed again then it started to travel sky wards the Higer. it went the faster it flashed until it disappeared high into the sky, at that point only my Mom and I saw it we were all amazed at the sighting. as we continue further home we reached our turn off road traveling towards our home,we saw it again leapping of the caravan park owners house roof or it was behind the house and it appears to be on house the roof , at that moment we all saw the light, I don’t think my parents ever reported it to the police , strange thing tough the owner of that property died a view days later, I believe it was a UFO.

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