Kempton Park – Pulsating Object

Place: Kempton Park – Johannesburg
Time and Date: 22:15 03-01-13
Submitted By: Johan Annandale

Report: Red, pulsating object travelling in a straight but slightly downward trajectory. Watched the object for at least a minute before it disappeared, I’m lucky to have 2 witnesses who saw exactly what I did. I thought it was a falling aircraft or a meteorite at first- I’m convinced it was something else. This was no aircraft, space debris or ‘weather balloon’.

3 thoughts on “Kempton Park – Pulsating Object

  1. In January 2011( at 22h15) I saw a red / orange pulsating orb coming from OR Tambo but not taking off like the normal aircraft. It came straight across and when it reached our area, Glen Marais, it turned 90 degrees and headed west. At no time was there any sound. I reported in the local newspaper and I sent a photo to MUFON. These guys all claimed it was a camera flare lol. I had a witness and I explained that I only took the photo after observing the object but they said their “experts” said it was a flare. I left this until I saw your experience.

    It is frustrating when people dont believe you – especially the MUFON idiots.

    I can send you photo’s if you want.

  2. thanks I will email today.

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