Is that a planet?


Time and date: Every evening
Place: Port Elizabeth
Submitted by: John

I live in Port Elizabeth. I have been noticing this two ‘stars’ in the early evening lately. It seems that the smaller ‘star’ is orbiting the bigger ‘star’. Every night I look at them, around about the same time, the smaller ‘star’ is in a different position. Are they stars, or are they a planet and its moon? They appear in the night sky in a westerly direction at an elevation of about 40 degrees to the horizontal. I make the observations between 18h30 and 19h30. I have included two pictures. Although they are not very clear, you can clearly see the different position of the smaller ‘star’.

10 thoughts on “Is that a planet?

  1. Hi there.
    I also live in Port Elizabeth, it has been a month I am see at the two. Yesterday (13/07/2015) they appeared to move apart. I also been wondering, what`s cooking up there. Can someone knowledgable explain. It`s a bizzer sight.

    Submitted by: Melumzi

  2. This is Jupiter crossing close to Venus.

  3. I have been following them for 4 months now…..and no it’s not venus. It’s getting brighter and closer everyday. Observing it through 60az telescope I can clearly see the larger brighter star has a planet/ moon in front which is dark and obscures half the “star”. Folks all I can say is prepare….we have our heads glued to phones, tv’s and everyday life that we have forgotten true wisdom. If you search, you will know exactly what it is…..look at jade helm in the US and every major government going ape sh!t with preparations for some huge event….join the dots folks and prepare….I am. If you think I am an alarmist conspiracy nutjob….so be it……I reckon you have 5 months tops to feel that way.
    Ps: rather ironic that cosmic intervention is about the only thing that can prevent our evolutionary slip into the abyss….a reset is indeed required, and the necessary culling that goes with it.

    • I agree, get ready, someone/ something is coming…don’t be naive there is other life out there…God did not make the huge expanse with only us…

  4. Lee is correct and Dinen is nuts…enough said..

  5. Openminded1

    There is lots of conspiracy talk about the 23 September 2015. The Pope is visiting the USA congress for an important meeting and its around the time some claim a comet is apparently on the way….Maybe the Pope wants a cosy room in one of the American bunkers.. has an interesting video about “MH 370 and the 23 September”. I’m not saying believe everything but something is up in late September. In one of Rihanna Illuminati puppet’s recent videos the cars registration is 239…

  6. Dinen… I 200% agree with your post… people don’t know whats going on out there and wont ever know because they don’t have that intelligence ability to be able to think for themselves and think outside the box.. I believe its nibiru we see at night.. and its only going to get closer and bigger.. until it collides… the pope and his friends all over the world knows exactly what we know but are they saying anything?? illuminatti are currently ruling the world but My Father, He rules the universe… the pope and his friends can only try and run away from my God on this planet.. but planet x is going to happen.. and we as a human race need to accept that fact and pray for our sins.. and hope it wont be too painful…

  7. These two stars were visible during Jhb winter sky, growing closer every week – Jupiter and Venus.

    They were visible slightly North, mainly Westerly direction, closer to Horizon.

  8. Hi all. Im a freak when it comes to UFOS and astronomy and basically anything to do with a cover up. This however is jupiter which i could see clearly with my telescope. Dont be alarmed guys. I read up alot about planet X and the asteroid that was supposed to impact the earth in September but guess what, no impact from any asteroid and its now October. If Planet X was close then anyone with a regular telescope would be able to see it. Dont get me wrong. Nibiru is coming. Just not yet. God is giving us some time to kneel before him and confess our sins. Romans 14:11

  9. Lol Dinen, I like your “If you think I am an alarmist conspiracy nutjob….so be it…” part, I laughed so hard you made my day bra.

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