I’m my house

Date: 06/01/2017
Time: 02:15 am
Place: Kuilsriver
Submitted by: Dean


Two guys were in my house thr faces looked human like but wrinkle distorted ,uniform heavy with lots of gadgets and stuff.they were huge .one of them came to me and inject my left knee I asked them.where they from he did not answer and he was just thr to do a job and I could not move.the other one went to my kids room..I could not do anything .helpless They moved like in.another dimension and Can also interact with ours but we cant see them.when they left I could open.my eyes .I got sick soon.after that and my doctor can’t explain.that I have all this illments and I was fine as I go for regular checkups .I will b ready in,a year finance wise and will become a.Hunter I feel like we are subjects being monitored also our tech is improving and we mayb get lucky and trap.one of them.now that u know how they move things will get interesting .if you don’t hear from.me again.then they have me or replaced me yes it’s that real.but I’m not scared .the problem.I’s I’m a gadget guy but I don’t know this stuff they atleast 3000 years more advanced.God help us all

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  1. Interested in your encounter. If you up to chat please respond and I’ll give you my details

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