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Sun, 06 Nov 2016 08:15:35 GMT

Hi I am new I will introduce myself later, but could someone help me explain a strange event of some years ago over here in South Africa where I reside? The day my friend Tony Martin and I saw a vision/ufo in the clouds When I worked at the Vereening Branch Office at Eskom South Africa I took a friend Tony Martin with me on a visited to a Power Station at Newcastle in Natal province, on the way back home, Tony kept looking out of his side of the car window, and said to me “Look at that strange cloud”. I stopped the car and, pulled to the side of the road and we got out and looked up into the clouds above. To our amazement, one cloud was stationary, while all the others moved in the usual way as the wind blows. What were really unbelievable about this large cloud that just sat there in the sky, where beautiful vivid colors that it was made of. The inner part of this very strange cloud was bright green, with a surrounding bright skirt or edge beautiful pink in its luminosity. Neither Tony nor I had ever seen such a beautiful cloud or object in all our lives. Tony just stood there in amazement and wept. Over the years I have tried to come up with a rational explanation of what we saw that day, in my opinion, it was not from this earth and might have been a message to us from God. I said to Tony, “that no one will believe us when we tell them, when we arrive at home. He was right Denise my wife just said we mistook it for a normal every day object, I am not sure what Kathy Tony’s wife said, but I think it was something similar. Alan McDougall 2013 CONFIRMATION SOMEONE ELSE SAW IT ALSO READ BELOW AND PLEASE COMMENT Green cloud that did not move, could it have been a UFO? Images   Alan McDougall, my name is Connie Dekker from Secunda. I can show you photos that I took of the strange event that happened in Newcastle, South Africa on Friday 04/06/2009 at 6pm. My husband, Frans, and I entered Newcastle from the Volksrust side when I also said to him: " Look at the strange clouds." These clouds were a beautiful green colour mixed with a pink (dusty colour). Only after developing the photos we saw the two UFO's in the green clouds, surrounded by many orbs. The three photos were taken just before the first and third robots entering Newcastle from the Volksrust side with a Sonyo camera. Model: E 875. Type: JPG Image. 8.1 Mega Pixels. [Green cloud ufo](//muut.com/u/uforsa/s3/:uforsa:hXEx:greencloudufo.jpg.jpg) [Green cloud ufo](greencloudufo.jpg)