I don’t know, you tell me!!!

Date: 21/04/2014
Time: 01:00 pm
Place: Stodels Nurseries, Eversdal Road, Bellville, Cape Town, 7530
Submitted by: Vortrexcian


Appologies, but did not see anything at the time.
Only noticed this much later and it has been baffling me for awhile now.
So, why not drop it here and see who says what about it.
So I will try and upload 3 photo’s of My son and I, the middle image has a little black spot (Left – above the 1st flag pole)
Thought to be a plane, so never realy worried about it, however, when looking at the 1st and 3rd photo, this spot/plane is not there.

When you zoom in on the dot, it kinda looks like something else.

After looking at it for awhile, it kinda resembles a bug (I mean, come on I was a place where there is a lot of flowers, animals, etc.)

But then again, seriously, could it be possible that my camera phone captured such a high resolution picture whereby you can zoom in to see a bug (maybe)

Let me know what you guys think…

9 thoughts on “I don’t know, you tell me!!!

  1. So??? Where are the photos? lol

  2. cool pics………….lights are in up position at control office…………or was this pic taken at 01.00am

  3. Weet nie so mooi of dit n “bug” is.

  4. DeclaredInsane

    This is definitely a bug. This is taken with a camera phone that is not equipped with the correct lens to take photos of insects. You get different lenses for different shots. “Close up” lenses for close-up photography like insects that will capture lots of detail even the texture of the insect’s skin and other lenses for other types of shots. Although your phone takes high-resolution images, you can still see a degrading of quality in the images. You also haven’t captured “sequence” shots. In a DSLR camera options to take sequence shots which will take a sequence of photos as long as you holding down the shutter button. If you did this you’d see the bug flying out of your shot. So in summary, it’s a bug but not much detailed was captured by your camera phone.

  5. no 2 pic is not n bug the is n ufo

  6. I saw something yesterday (posted 21 01 2017) that looked similar to this pic. When zoomed in you can clearly see the disk shape with dome. Similar colour. Mine was closer so one could see the contour of the shape by naked eye.

  7. Judging from the object it is the size of about a soccer ball . Distance is just past the house in the back ground and only +- 70 meters in the air . Closer inspection speculates a spar packet blowing past judging of the shadows on the actual object.

  8. for the person who posted these pics …. these objects move faster than what the eye can see . your wife took the pic when it was exactly in the way of the camera in that fraction of a second. I have seen 12 ufo’s over the past 20 years. I have close up pics i took in the early mornings. You can call me on 073 574 1480 (Jeff) .i have shown my pics to my civil engineer and he could not explain it at all . these object come in many different shapes and sizes. the pics i took are clear and no confusion about the looks of these ufos (no pics of just lights ) clear day light pics

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