Huge Strange Flying object over Jhb & Pta 17 Feb 2019.

Not of this world & all 4 of us saw it. I am blown away from what we saw.

At about 3.30-4.00 on the early Sunday morning my Brother , Fiance , her Son and Myself were having a cigarette outside, when I happened to look up towards an clear open night sky.

I still remember mentioning how beautiful the stars were shining and just embracing the beauty.

This is when things went crazy…..

As I was looking up , at my first appearance I thought I was looking at a huge stray plastic bag , kilometers in the sky swiftted perhaps by a gush of wind far in the night sky but after focusing in on the object and seeing how the object was manoeuvring a rapid pace and at the speed that it was moving was nothing that I have ever seen before!

One hears about UFO sightings….

One thinks it can’t be , because of your Faith…..

But I know what I saw ?????

This was NOT from this world !!!!

If anyone else saw this event ????

Please please contact me back on

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