Hovering object over Kuilsriver, Cape Town

Date: 12/09/2017
Time: 03:00 am
Place: Kuilsriver
Submitted by: Ronelle


Hi all. I here this very loud aircraft sound in the early morning hours, round about three to four. Looked outside and saw this huge aircraft. The shape is round and flattish, with lights all around it. It hovers for a while and then disappears with the speed of light!! It is really freaky because it seems that no airport is open that time of the morning yet. What is it then?

5 thoughts on “Hovering object over Kuilsriver, Cape Town

  1. no photo ronelle?

  2. We all should have a meeting in JHB regarding all of this

  3. Jade Williams

    Airlines run 24/7 dear

  4. At what time does the airports close which uses the planes that fly at the speed of light?

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