High Speed UFO

Date: 24/07/2013
Time: 09:30 pm
Place: Silver Streams- Drakensburg
Submitted by: Matt


On the Evening of 24th July 2013, we were staying at Silver Streams Caravan Park in the Drakensburg. While sitting outside at about 9.30pm I spotted a strange flashing light in the sky. It would Increase in brightness from being “off” to fully “on” in about just less than a second. It would stay “on” for about four seconds and then turn “off.” It would then remain “off” for maybe 20 seconds. It looked much like a star, and I assume it was quite far away, but there is no way for me to tell if it was very high in the atmosphere, or quite close like a plane, but it simply shone like a star and looked pretty much like a star but definitely quite a bit brighter. I called my wife and pointed it out to her, and I also then called my friend to see it, and they both saw it and watched on with me. This strange flashing continued on for a minute or two. Over this period of time it had not moved in position at all. It seemed completely stationary. After all three of us had watched it for a while it finally turned “on” again and suddenly accelerated like nothing I have ever seen. It basically headed off in a dead straight line but not across the sky but rather simply away from earth and slightly to one side. From it’s stationary position, to being completely gone, it took what I can only estimate to have been a few split seconds to possibly a bit less then a second. Even though it was an incredibly short amount of time, it was still quite visible to us that it had an acceleration curve. In other words it did not simply hit max speed immediately, it definitely accelerated, but at a mind blowing speed/rate. To try and describe/explain the speed that it moved at, all I can do is to compare it to the fastest type of shooting star that can be seen in the sky. I would say it was a little faster, but also point out that this thing did not travel across the night sky like these shooting stars usually do. So the distance it travelled in that short time must have been phenomenal.

Out of the odd things UFO related that I have seen in my life this is most certainly the most significant, as no matter what it was, the speed at which it moved after being stationary for such a long period of time has really stuck with me. When I thought about the flashing on and off, I thought that it could have been almost anything that was “spinning” in the atmosphere or in space, and the light was merely being reflected off of it as it spun around. If that was all that happened I would have likely forgotten about it….but after seeing it move off like it did….all I can say is that I will never ever forget it and that I would like to somehow one day get answers as to what it was.

One thought on “High Speed UFO

  1. Hi Matt

    Thank you for the detailed report.

    The details provided in your report make identifying the object a lot easier.

    I have a few follow up questions:

    1. What was the atmosphere like that night? Was it clear-skies, or overcast or partly cloudy.

    2. You state that when the object moved it has a clearly visible acceleration curve. Could you elaborate on that please? Did it leave a trail? Or were you able to track its vector visually allowing an estimate?

    I don’t believe that it was merely an object that was spinning and reflecting light. I do have some sort of explanation for the sighting. But your account of the object moving away is what is unusual about the sighting.


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