“happend twice different cities, 1st dissapearing “plane-like” shadow, 2nd an orb

Date: 01/01/2016
Time: 11:45 pm
Place: durban and pietermaritzburg
Submitted by: anonymous

Honestly,I’m not playing or hoaxing. I saw the first “questionable” sighting at night I was randomly looking out the window because (I star-watch on occasion because like any other explorer I’m baffled by discovering we are alone on this planet and its endless “atom-like” setup of its home the universe) anyway I saw two lights that resembled plane-like lights the red and white and one of the two pulsates don’t remember which. These where hovering (appeared) AFTER I LOOKED OUT THE WINDOW, their wher not there and after like 10 seconds of looking they vanished, plane lights don’t go off (the red and white lights) so that raised a red flag… Months later I was in a different city (durban) and I was on a hill like location (house) at night I randomly looked out the window for some reason which I always say its just star-watching, I saw an “orb” I would explain this by saying it was a light but it moved. I literally saw it move a light,moving. Come on I know about weather balloons! That balloon shaped(circle) moved sideways not towards the stratosphere, I eventually lost sight of it after I had to look for another good vantage point to keep viewing, it was as quick as blinking, (a house is not all windows, I had to find another window it moved east) I got to one and it had gone, keep in mind there was literally nothing(natural barriers example mountains, trees… Man made barriers example buildings etc) to restrict my view. IT JUST VANISHED, I had an unlimited vertical view, the horizontal goes without saying(mentioned above by lack of man made and natural barriers). For a person of my intelligence, I am embarrased to say I believe “we”(the orb and I) sensed each others neuro-conscience like presence and I scared it away or I let it know of my presence, and out of typical human like fight or flight it “blended in to the sky”. Mentally not physically that is (fight or flight responding). Since aliens have yet to be made, I question my own credibility, I mean why me?? Oh and the dates I forgot to think about(come on, I was not like oh hey mysterious sky items what’s the day today?, you know?) and visual proof was un-obtainable due to UnExplainable sightings I was too glued to, to actually lay off for one minute, I mean not even the people in the house would have told me/called me to come view, I was too Holy-sh•t what’s that to even remember what I had for dinner, my mind was blanked by both sightings but the second really slapped me silly because it seemed like it was in search of something. Kinda like police helicopters hovering for some reason on top of houses. I used that as an example to make the picture not make you think I saw a helicopter, Lol, thank you for your ears or eyes. (Listening/reading). P.s That day (2nd sighting) I felt like I’m the only one looking at the stars(seeing the orb). That’s why I’m like “why me?”. Thanks again. Sorry for the book:)(the above 3hr mental movie)

3 thoughts on ““happend twice different cities, 1st dissapearing “plane-like” shadow, 2nd an orb

  1. Saw the same thing last night in Durbanville…. Aeroplane like red and white lights, hovering and moving like no aeroplane could… Then the lights just stopped, and it was gone…

  2. I know exactly how your emotions are jumping around, u dont know what to feel.. You feel like, how can the people go on normal with their lives as if nothing ever happend..? Well i have something to say to you.., dont know how you going to filter this information, aka how you gonna take it, as good news or bad news but neitherless do not freak out!!! What you have experienced, is only the start of more bizzare,Weird and totally unexplainable events to follow in YOUR FOOTSTEPS 😉 .If you wish to know more in detail of what I have encountered which is totally impossable but neitherless it happened to me. You can add me on whatsapp on 083 899 6432 .just drop a message saying where you got my number and who you are so i may enlighten ur mind of my unexplainable events that is to this day trailling in my footsteps.. Im from East London

  3. Not for the faint-hearted.

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