Groups of Orange Lights in Pretoria

Place: Dinokeng Lodge Pretoria
Time and date: 2 March 2013 +- 22h00
Submitted by: Surene

7 orange lights in groups of 2 or 3 moving silently from southeast to northwest. All same sized and moving relatively fast before it disappeared.

2 thoughts on “Groups of Orange Lights in Pretoria

  1. Saw a similar thing last night over Joburg, four big reddish/orange blinking objects, travelling horizontally in pairs the first two lower down, and the second two higher up and slightly behind, watched for a few minutes, and then they all dipped at the same time and disappeared.
    Anybody else see this?

  2. I saw something similar in Malmesbury on Saturday evening, 9 March 2013. There were about 7 – 10 of them, moving silently into a northwesterly direction. They looked like ‘fireballs’ and were quite high up. Some of them seemed to disintegrate and then a line would be visible as a part of it fell. The rest just disappeared.

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