Group of UFOs over Muldersdrift

Time and date: 31 Oct 2015 at 9:39pm
Place: Muldersdrift
Submitted by: Peter Daniel

Sitting around a fire 3 friends and I saw a group of about 35 glowing objects move slowly over us from horizon to horizon, they can from the north, and at first we thought it was a meteor shower, but the small white glowing objects where just bellow the clouds maintaining a constant speed towards the south, moving directly overhead. They were about the size of a bright star, and moved in formation, with 2 of the object coming from behind and catching up to the main group. There was no sound but the brightness of each spherical spot was constant. The speed appeared about as fast as a light aircraft, but no flashing lights or colour to the light, they were all uniformly bright white from all angles seen. I tried to take a movie, but my iphone sucks at night filming, so I got a few pics with it, again not great quality tho.

Photos below:



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