Group of lights above Kempton Park

Date: 28/03/2017
Time: 11:50 pm
Place: Kempton Park
Submitted by: Jaco


I was outside as I always wonder around outside at night every hour or so, I’m a server administrator and only work on servers at night when everyone is logged out, thus I take breaks every hour or so to smoke outside. I saw a soundless group of lights moving steadily from horison to horison over me in about a total of 30 seconds. The lights were clustering and expanding continously like a octupuss stretching and contracting its individual legs. As shouted at my girlfriend to come quickly and screemed space ship! space ship… she came outside and watched with me as it went into the distance. As it went out of my site above the car port wall, she pointed at it and said, they are over there as she could see better from her stading point in the front door. There was not a sound from the ufo’s at all. Thereafter I came in to the house to WhatsApp friends and my mom. a went out just after the WhatsApps en saw another, but different and faster big bright light in high speed coming from the same direction as the group of lights, the it swirved to the left and banked right and disappeared into the distance. It disappeared about 30-40 degrees to the right from where the original lights went out in the distance.

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