Green, Red and White flashing UFO Blouberg

Date: 25/10/2017
Time: 01:00 am
Place: Blouberg, WC
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Normally I can see a star outside my bedroom window clearly every so often in the same position, but for a few months in 2017, there was no sign of the star. One night I was working late and crawled into bed at about 12:30, after which I decided to take a look out the window to see if I could locate the star.

All I ended up seeing was a green and red flashing orb/UFO. Initially, I thought nothing of it until it dropped out of the sky at an extremely fast rate and then back to its inital position. I was sure this wasn’t a satellite or plane, as the action was too linear and the recovery back to its initalh position happened too fast.

The lights then changed to white and it would slowly drop every 30 minutes or so.

Every night after the incident I would check whether or not the object would repeat its action, but the object was no longer in sight.

Exactly 3 nights later, the orb reappeared and slowly jolted up and down every so often at the same time (01:00 AM), but this time the orb changed its flashing light colouration a few times.

2 nights later, the orb was no where in sight, but there was a deep humming and droning noise over my house at around 01:00 AM for 30 minutes before it stopped.

One thought on “Green, Red and White flashing UFO Blouberg

  1. Hi

    I would normally associate green/red/white lights to a drone or an airplane. I think, however, that very few people would be flying a drone that late at night on multiple nights.

    Also, the reported movements of the object are not characteristic of an airplane. They are characteristic of a drone.

    I think it’s likely a drone. There are other reasons to believe otherwise. Drones have a limited flight time, and your report indicates that the object moved downwards every 30 minutes or so – way to long to be a drone. But the movements and lights pretty much eliminate other possibilities.


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