Green light

Date: 13/12/2016
Time: 07:30 pm
Place: Newlands, Pretoria
Submitted by: Catherine


I was sitting in our lounge watching a movie with the family. I sat on our couch right next to the TV which is also near our sliding door. I could see the night sky since our curtains were not yet drawn. Around 7:30pm a green star-like light appeared in the sky moving at a quick speed and heading in a northerly direction. It lasted less than 3 seconds and disappeared quickly. It did not increase or diminish in size. It just appeared suddenly and then disappeared. There was no sound.

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  1. I stay in Pierre Van Ryneveld, Centurion. Also saw a huge bright light at around the same time (19:30) heading in the same direction (Northern) on 13/12/2016. At first it was so bright that I believed it to be a airplane but realised it was moving too fast and seemed to be falling. Colour to me appeared to be bright in colour not green.

  2. I saw it too! I thought it was a meteorite/falling star. I live in Midrand.

  3. Juanita Hawley

    I saw it too I’m in centurion and my hubby called me to look at the moon it looked like a firework but with no bang.

  4. Hi Catherine, I saw the exact same thing. I am in Fourways. Same time and in a northerly direction. Yesterday I heard the end of a news story on the radio entitling something about a green light and believe from a friend there was another report on the news but I can’t find anything on the net except your report. I assume this is s meteors with the really bright meteor we saw a few years ago. Would be interested if anyone has found other reports.

  5. Just Plane Spooky!

    I am a commercial pilot with nearly 4000 hours flying experience. I don’t believe in little green men but I do believe what I saw defies most logical explanations so I thought I would investigate it further and came across this website and these posts validating my experience in December 2016.

    The story starts in Kenton on Sea, Eastern Cape on Monday 12th December 2016. At around 7pm my folks came inside after having sundowners on the deck stating they had just seen a “UFO” on the horizon towards the West in the Port Elizabeth direction. A very bright green object making irregular movements” is how they described it.

    “Alighty then, how many sundowners have you guys had” was the general consensus from the rest of the family at that stage. I personally speculated that they had probably seen the Starboard Navigation light (Green) from a low flying training aircraft that was coming or going to 43 Air School from PE as they are based in Port Alfred which is just next door to Kenton.

    The next day News24 published the following story of how two commercial pilots flying a Boeing 737 had seen a bright green object flash passed their window at 1000 feet while in the vicinity of Jeffrey’s bay area at around 9pm.

    So that got our attention! I then shifted my theory to a green flair or something of that nature that perhaps my folks and the pilots had seen simultaneously. Problem was that these sightings were hours apart and the distance from Kenton to Jeffrey’s Bay is around 200km. Line of site calculations prove that even if the times of either party were mixed up there is no way that my parents saw the same event that the pilots described in their report. Circumstantial evidence would suggest it was the same object but different separate sightings.

    So what shines bright green and has the ability to alter course rapidly and travel a fair distance from the Kenton area to the Jeffrey’s Bay area in about two hours? Beats me but the weirdness doesn’t end there!

    Two nights later I was standing on the same deck with my folks looking at the stars at around 8pm trying to figure out which constellations we are looking at via my “Starlight” app on my iPhone (very cool app by the way) when I see an object in the sky.

    What I’m going to describe next is going to sound very familiar, so familiar I’m almost embarrassed to write it but it is EXACTLY what I saw.

    A perfectly symmetrical V shaped group of dimly lit lights, about 5 or 6 of them in an exact V shaped formation moving silently across the sky at very high speed heading East and it took the object about 4 or 5 seconds to traverse the horizon.

    My father saw the object at exactly the same time as I did and we both yelled out what the “F bomb” (and other unprintable profanity) is that!

    My mother was unable to focus her eyes to the sky quickly enough to spot it as she had been staring at my iPhone but my father and I saw it as clear as day.

    After I calmed down my logical brain tried to make sense of what I had just seen. I am a bit of a military aircraft fanatic and tried to match what I know about flying machines, both military and civilian, with what I had witnessed but nothing matched.

    What about a flock of white birds flying at night I thought? They could look like dim lights given the right atmospheric conditions I guess. With their bodies reflecting off the lights from the town below its a plausible explanation but the problem is I work in the sky every day and I have seen birds flying in formation my entire life. The speed with which this formation moved across the sky would have meant that these birds would have had to have been exceedingly low which means I would seen that they were in fact birds.

    Also, the formation did not “wobble” like birds flying in loose formation. These lights were a fixed distance apart, like they were part of the same object, it moved very fast and it was dead silent. Just “plane” spooky!

    Still unable to explain what I saw in December I took to the internet recently to see if other people had seen a V shaped object in the area that night. I didn’t find any hits on the V shaped object but when I typed in “Green light UFO” my search brought me to the UFORSA website where I it seems that whatever the pilots and my parents saw on the 12th December then headed north and flew over Gauteng on the 13th which is when you all saw it.

    I cant explain what I saw but I certainly wont be laughing off other peoples sightings so easily from now on. The furthest I’m willing to reach is that there was something of unknown origin flying around the Jeffrey’s Bay/ Kenton area on the 12th December and when it was broadcast on the news the US Military/CIA/ NSA (take your pic) dispatched their top secret spy plane to have a look and that’s what my father and I saw that night.

    Its a bit of a stretch I know but I have seen an RQ-170 Sentinel up close operating out of KAF (Kandahar Air force Base) in Afghanistan and if the US military has found a way to make “The Beast of Kandahar” run silently by using a propulsion system that emits light on the underside of its flying wing design that would fit what I saw 100%.

    Hey, but if I’m wrong and it is indeed the MIB or little green men and they looking for a pilot… beam me up Scotty!

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