Green Light Over Bloubergstrand

Date: 09/05/2016
Time: 05:09 pm
Place: Bloubergstrand, Cape Town
Submitted by: Alexander

I was outside taking a photo of the sunset and clouds over the ocean. Only when I looked at the photo on my phone, did I notice this green light amongst the clouds to the left. When I went back outside (within a few seconds) there was nothing in the sky. We have read about the November green light sightings in Cape Town and also about the explanation regarding the FutureLife drink campaign… but what can this be? Six months later? (Note that this happened today although the image was saved as 20160503 on my phone – the date on my phone is definitely wrong.)

One thought on “Green Light Over Bloubergstrand

  1. Your photo look like it was taken from inside a house,through the window. The green light
    is a reflection from something behind you

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