green light on southern skies

Date: 06/11/2016
Time: 07:30 pm
Place: over the suikerbosrand nature reserve
Submitted by: Me


at around 7: 30 pm as I was in my varanda in Glenvista, looking towards the Suikerbosrand nature reserve, suddenly a green light seemed to raise from the mountains into the sky above; it was dark, could not see the shape and could not hear an engine noise. The UFO then went away in a north east direction. After about a minute or so it came back, did a couple of right angle manouvres, and then it went away again in a north east direction; this time the green light started flashing on and off for a few seconds, before returning to a continuous green light state. After a while, the UFO disappeared in the same north east direction.
Took no photos or film, as I was entranced with all of the above. I am an aeronautical engineer, and do not know of any aircraft or helicopter that could do those sudden right angle turns

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