Green light and star burst light durbanville

Date: 07/12/2016
Time: 09:09 pm
Place: Durbanville
Submitted by: Pamela


No sound green star like light. Flashing across the sky towards Mitchell plain. Moving in a circle moving from side to side fading in and out. Around 1 9h00. Then at 21h00 a star burst light much closer from malmesbury side over durbanville towards the west. Way to fast for an aeroplane. No sounds

2 thoughts on “Green light and star burst light durbanville

  1. My dad claims to have seen exactly what you saw and heard in Klerksdorp around 20:30

    • Pamela Voegt

      The strange thing is that before my daughter and I saw the green light we were in the kitchen and we both got the weirdest feeling. It was the feeling you get when something is wrong I was scared and I don’t scare easily. I have big glass door in the whole house and I went to close them all because I was scared and that’s when I saw the green light above the house and then in a flash it move going in and out of focus moving in circles going then from side to side. The other light later was also strange very bright and moving super fast with no sound three family members saw this and was way to fast for an aeroplane.

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