Green falling star but not

Date: 25/02/2018
Time: 09:40 am
Place: Weltevredenpark
Submitted by: Lyn


I was looking out the window last evening and saw a large, bright, round green light with a whitish tail streak across the sky going from northerly to south westerly direction. There was absolutely no sound, so it could not have been a plane crash (also none reported overnight). It was moving way faster than any high level aeroplane which sometimes passes overhead us and it appeared to be travelling level below the cloud cover, so it could not have been a falling star. It could also not have been a firework, as no sound preceded or followed it…and it did not fall directly downwards or in any arc. No idea what it could have been. It held a steady path. There was also no reflection up into or off of the clouds above. Sadly, I was not able to record it as it took but a second to pass overhead and out of sight.

5 thoughts on “Green falling star but not

  1. I saw exactly the same passing over laudium around 21:00. I thought I was going crazy!!

  2. Duuuude I thought i was going insane as well..I saw it from the moment it appeared till it disappeared. The colour changing was to crazy, yes indeed you right it held a steady path.

  3. My bf and i saw something last nite and it was a triangle shape and it had red light and its was blue light it was flying one direction to another and stopped dead it was very strange . Then it was flying behide the tree then it went down slowly . Caught a pic but it wasnt clear pic . This happen 27 Feb 2018 Tue night at 8:30 pm . In pietermaritzburg .

  4. I would like to share a similar sighting but from a few years back. A friend and I also saw a green UFO, but it was a large green orb that simply looked like a lumo green ball of light. The entire sighting was probably only 5 or 6 seconds, but from when and where I spotted it, it went through the clouds and the green glow that it was emitting shone off of the clouds as it was passing through them. It simply floated down behind a hill and was gone. People often asked me if it wasn’t a flare, but this thing was BIG, and definitely not a flare, and did not seem to be something that was burning. It was just light.
    It happened in the Drakensburg at night, in the Winter of about 2011.
    I have read of many similar sightings and some people think it is a weather phenomenon.

  5. I have personally seen 3 of them too at night. It’s amazing right

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