Green and Red Flashing UFO – Cape Town

Place: Cape Town
Time and date: 20:00 Friday 28 June
Submitted by: The shocked dude

The first night I was with a big group of my friends and it was a bit cloudy and I saw a flash of light flashing green and red. This thing was not moving an inch, so I ignored it until the next night.

I saw it again on the same spot, flashing the same colours and this time I was with my friend and he saw it as well. Then Saturday I didn’t look outside but Sunday the 30th of June I was with three of my friends and they saw it and it was on the same spot flashing the same colours.

Everyone was freaking out. So on that same night I told my mother about it and then she wanted proof so then I went outside and showed her this strange flashing thing, not moving again. So from today onward I will be keeping an eye out for any activity.

One thought on “Green and Red Flashing UFO – Cape Town

  1. Hi Dude

    In what area did you see the light? Also in which direction were you looking?

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