Gordons Bay UFO sighting

Hi Guys,

Me and my love were chilling on gordons bay mountain lookingover the see with Strand and gordons bay on our side.Then we saw this object with a orange/redish flame at the bottom taking of vertically.we watched it for several minutes as it was going up.It made no sound, no smoke.We could immediately note that it was not a plane/helicopter/air balloon or any firework for that matter.The object then stopped ascending and started moving sideways towards the ocean.We stood and watched because at this moment we realised this was not a normal craft.Then all of a sudden it went straight up in to the night sky and vanished because it was to hight too see.We dont have any video or camera footage but rest assured people.Previous posts about seeings UFO’s in Gordons bay is true.Time of sighting was on 16 May 2014 round about 19:45.If anybody else saw this.Please let me know because my mind has been blown!

3 thoughts on “Gordons Bay UFO sighting

  1. Hi, we saw that as well!

  2. also see them by the mountain

  3. Seen it too. And my husband.. My cousins son (10) seen it twice!

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