Golden orbs in flight – Southern Suburbs, Cape Town

Date: 28/09/2012
Time: 07:30 pm
Place: Cape town southern suburbs
Submitted by: Sean


My Girlfriend and I were rushing to catch a shop that closed at 8pm in 2012 As we exited my front door, we stopped in amazement because a stream of twinkling gold lights were slowly flying from left to right above the backside of table mountain(wynberg side view). They were silent and moving smoothly. Like a thread of lights moving leftward, the left side ones seemed to disappear behind what looked like clouds but wasnt clear. More kept emerging from the horizon on the right side(blouberg side) to join the thread moving across the sky. At one point there were about 13 or so. The light quality is as many have described around the world – Odd in that it was brilliant and sparkling but light quality did not look conventional. Almost like fire but contained in the tiny orb shape. All were exactly the same. I rushed upstairs to get my camera but was too late. The episode lasted a while, possibly 2 or 3 minutes and I specifically asked my girlfriend if we were BOTH seeing the same thing. She confirmed most definitely that we were. She is a sceptic about UFOs, so I am glad there was a witness. I immediately looked online and all I read was the story about a helicopter crash in table bay that was sighted by a few. There was no evidence of a crash but the times co-incide and it was approximately that location(blouberg side) that the golden orbs were popping up from and joining the long line of lights.(even though we were in wynberg) No other people saw what we did (or reported it) which was very surprising because it was there a for a decent amount of time. No sound, such smooth controlled flight plus the golden sparkle/glow/twinkling nature of the lights make me think they were not of this Earth.

2 thoughts on “Golden orbs in flight – Southern Suburbs, Cape Town

  1. Could they not have been Chinese lanterns?

  2. Hi Sean

    I’ve tried looking into some Reanalysis data, but my search came up fruitless.

    What you described sounds a lot like Chinese lanterns. Lanterns would explain the consistency in the flight path of the objects. The day of the sighting was a Saturday, so it could be that a wedding party released Chinese lanterns as part of the ceremony or reception – the timing would be about right too.

    I’m interested in hearing more of your thoughts.


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