Golden Neon Objects Seen in Cresta

Place: Cresta, Johannesburg, South Africa
Time and date: Saturday 23/02/2013 at 19h00
Submitted by: Prof. Theo Villion

My wife and I were sitting on our porch on Saturday 23/04/2013 at 19h00 when, moving at a reasonably low altitude from West to East, we observed a very bright, huge, shining golden ball in the sky. There was no sound whatsoever and it was moving at a constant speed and altitude.

I got up and pointed at the object because I had never seen anything so bright, moving in the sky, ever before. It looked like a golden neon light with extentions protruding from it. As we were still pondering what it could have been, a second one came over at the exact same height, speed, light intensity and colour. Again there was no sound.

5 thoughts on “Golden Neon Objects Seen in Cresta

  1. My husband and i saw it also. I think it was 3. The one in the front was the biggest. We are in kempton. We saw on on the 10th jan 2013 also around the same time. At first i thought it was balloons, but it was moving around the same speed as the a/c (from my perception) it made no noise (unlike the a /c) also, it had no flashing lights. It move at what seemed to be a constant speed in a steady direction. A /f a /c did cross my mind. Not sure though.

  2. Jill Mileham

    I also saw these lights on Saturday the 23rd February. I live opposite the Constitutional Court (Empire / Clarendon Place) and observed the same objects travelling at the constant speed. I, however, observed 3. They seemed to be travelling in convoy?. They seemed to travel for about 2 or 3 minutes (when I saw them), then just disappear. There was no sound of any kind and the light was so bright that you couldn’t observe them through binoculars either.

  3. Louis Marais

    The date posted here in the main report by the Prof appears to be incorrect – must be 23-02-2013 and not 23-04-2013. Since I am writing this on 25-02-2013! Otherwise the Prof was seeing into the future.

    P.S. My family and I (6 of us) witnessed virtually the identical experience in Port Elizabeth on 24-12-2012 (i.e. 2 months ago) although I would say the two orbs in our case were quite high, not low in the sky. I judged that by the apparent height from the horizon when they disappeared in the eastern sky.

  4. Interesting to note the number of similar sightings in the same vicinity – Cresta, Northcliff, Montgomery Park?
    Close by in Westdene last night saw four big blinking reddish/orange objects, travelling horizontally in pairs, the first two lower down and ahead, followed by the second pair, somewhat higher up. Watched for a few minutes with my Mom and a friend, wondering what on earth it could be, no sound heard, until they all suddenly dipped away and disappeared.
    Any idea what this is???

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