Glowing Triangle

Date: 26/07/2018
Time: 09:30 am
Place: Germiston
Submitted by: Magda


Standing outside watching the blood moon developing I notice something hovering in the distance. It was too dark to make out what it was, but it looked triangular with green, red and white lights flashing bright and dim. It hovered for at least a few minutes while we watched, and then suddenly it fell out of the sky. stopping midway for just a absolute fraction of a second before it fell further and then the lights disappeared into thin air. Very unsettling.

2 thoughts on “Glowing Triangle

  1. It was likely someone documenting the eclipse using a drone.

  2. I’m puzzled. How could you have been watching the Blood Moon Eclipse on the 26th when it only happened on Friday night from about 20h00?

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