Glowing Ball UFO | Melkbosstrand

Place: Melkbosstrand, Cape Town
Time and date: 21:00…14.02.2013
Submitted by: Sean Steven Winterton

No sound, just a orange/red glowing ball. North of Melkbos, making circular motions in the vicinity of Koeberg Nuclear power station. I am a aviation expert and know for sure that it was no man made object!

2 thoughts on “Glowing Ball UFO | Melkbosstrand

  1. Carmen Thomas

    I have witnessed the same Orange lights about 7 of them going in the same direction in the same speed. +/- 09:00pm 02.03.2013, could some one get an answer of what this might be

  2. I have seen a similar occurrence but just one glowing orange ball, it went at an amazing speed over Melkboss beach, slowed slowly , stopped with complete accuracy then changed direction and shot off with amazing speed. this was on the 5 Feb 2016 around 10 :00 PM

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