Four orange lights take off in suburb | March 2012

Date: 23/03/2012
Time: 11:30 pm
Place: Fishers Hill East down Mars road
Submitted by: Tiaan Hattingh

Two orange lights came up from behind trees in a distance of 250 meters about, then a 3rd one came up with a bright orange light then after about half an minute the first two take off on a 45 angle with a unbelievable super instant high speed then the 3rd one take off South with a bright orange light same angle and speed with zero sound. After one minute a fourth one take off South also with a bright orange flashing light.

One thought on “Four orange lights take off in suburb | March 2012

  1. Hi Tiaan , interesting sighting , I’ve seen the same here in Meyerton , 7 times, I noted that when they took off here they were a crimson red, however they flew much slower initially , reminded me of a Harrier jet taking of. Do you think they took off from the Bill Stewart Nature Reserve between AG De Witt roads and Kloof road , or can you estimate the location where they were taking off from ? I noted during 2013 they seemed to land and take off in the same area so keep your eyes open you may see them again , although not necessarily at the same time

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