Four Orange Lights in Durbanville

Time and date: 14 March 2015 at 20:25
Place: Durbanville
Submitted by: Janet Kilian

We live in Durbanville, Cape Town. This evening at 20h25 my husband John and I were travelling home. I noticed 4 bright orange lights above us in a southerly direction. Two sets of two were travelling together, moving and slowing to catch up with each other. They all stopped. One of the two sets slowly faded then disappeared. The other set of two just hung there, then two minutes later also faded and disappeared. Then 1 more came rushing across the sky, stopped where the others had been, then went the same way and disappeared.

One thought on “Four Orange Lights in Durbanville

  1. We’ve had mind-blowing visitors over the Peninsula the past month or so. I have about more than 100 plus photographs to support the statement. How about we all get together and I’ll put a presentation together.

    Perhaps we could get a sponsor and make it a fun night at a nice place.
    Looking forward to hearing from all of those who are going to wonder about it for the rest of their lives, and those who are just plain so nosy you cannot bear not to know.

    Scientific and empirical researchers are most welcome. Heck, bring the whole planetarium.

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