Flying White Discs

Time and date: Sunday, 7 June 2015, 9:15 to 9:35
Place: ?
Submitted by: David van der Merwe

Sky was completely clear. Driving back from the shops I spotted two tiny white discs moving across the sky. The discs would have been obscured completely if I held a ten-cent coin up at arm’s length in front of them.
Parked my car, ran to my back yard and quickly located them again, but now could see a third disc, making a triangular formation. I called my wife, who came and saw the same moving discs, staying in formation as they travelled across the sky in a slow, west to east direction.
After about 15 minutes, the dots were nearing the horizon and started fading from view. A fourth disc, very faint, became visible for a few minutes as if it were trailing the others.
We were unable to capture video or photos – the glare from the morning sky against the tiny dots was too strong unfortunately.

2 thoughts on “Flying White Discs

  1. 11 friends and i saw this exact same you are describing yesterday in nottingham, england….
    We have been searching the internet for information! Came accross your post and an article from june 2011 ‘daily mail online’ however this is all we have found and no explination!!!

  2. I have evidence of those “white discs” recorded on my cell phone. Seek a fair monetary proposal to release. No joke.

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