Flying triangle with a light in each corner observed over Ottosdal

first sighting

Triangular formation of steady white lights spotted flying just outside of Ottosdal, around midnight. It’s movement gave the appearance of lights fixed to a craft. The three lights remained fixed in relation to each other but moved across the sky into the proximity of what i assumed was a passenger plane and then lost sight of it.

Second sighting

On the 25th of December 2018, around 11pm, I saw the same triangle fly over my location in Ottosdal. It flew directly over from behind. I leaped up and ran a few meters to get the clearest view. was able to track it for a minute before it seemed to turn and i lost sight of the lights. it made no noise and seemed to be flying low and fast.

Coincidently about 15 minutes later I saw what is probably the brightest thing I’d ever seen in the night sky. It was clearly much higher in the sky, and was so bright it looked like it was on fire. much brighter than any star or planet in the sky. It moved for a while and then it was gone. this looked like your typical “shooting star” or something but was moving a bit slower a was much much brighter!

With that said, the triangle craft is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. – This video is the best example of what it looked like, almost exactly the same except my perspective was obviously a lot more steady than the camera’s and it was clearly moving fast. Hoping to find out exactly what it is.

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