Flying Triangle over Signal Hill (with Photo)

Date: 4 December 2015
Time: Around 18:00
Place: Seen from Bo-Kaap Cape Town CBD
Submitted by: JP

Some colleagues and myself saw what looked like a flying triangle aircraft with strange lights over Signal Hill in Cape Town. We saw the triangle which was hanging in the air for a few moments and then disappeared. It seemed to have strange lights which changed from yellow to red that almost pulsated. It could be some sort of aircraft or balloon or something. I’m including this picture which seems to be the best one I took (from my phone) but I can add others too if necessary 🙂 Anyway, just want to know if anyone else saw it or knows what it was. Or if anyone actually got a better picture of it from signal hill.

I dont want to add my email address but if any one wants it I see there’s a comment section. Just ask for it, and I’ll email you more pics etc. ^_^


9 thoughts on “Flying Triangle over Signal Hill (with Photo)

  1. Some friends and I saw something similiar… Actually nearly identical from where we were on Signal Hill around the same time! Well done for photographing it!

  2. Plastic bag haha!!! Being Oblivious to what’s really going on in our sky’s is ….. Mmmm how should I word this…… Uninformed to say the least and down right stupid!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, didn’t want to be rude, but come on, do your homework before making such a brainless comment. Jp, I know this post is super old. But is there any chance you still have the photo’s? And have you witnessed any more sighings? Drop me a mail if you actually see my comment:, vortrexian, feel free to explain your plastic bag theory lol

    • Michelle, although you are free to state your opinion there is no need to attack other people who have their own opinions as well. This website was made for people to express their own opinions, not ridicule them. Kind regards, UFORSA.

      • Vortrexcian

        Also, Thank you to UfoRSA for standing up for your posters.
        It is nice to know that this website does not condone in such behaviour… Big-ups to you guys…

    • Vortrexcian


      First of all, it was a rhetorical statement.
      Secondly, calling it “STUPID” and then telling me to do my “HOMEWORK”, that’s a bit harsh and I can’t stop wonder if you did yours before making such idiotic reply!
      However, let me return the favour in kind!
      It would have been far better if you only replied that you did not understand my point and would like me to enlighten you to why my point is so primitive. (For a lack of a better word)
      Regardless, I will try my utmost best to explain it in such a way that you would understand.
      This is Cape Town and I have been living in the Mother City for 36 years, so I’m pretty much clued-up with most of the areas, unfortunately there is a lot of garbage gusted up, floating about in the air!
      Especially in the location where this picture was taken since it have consistent high and low altitude winds.
      Furthermore, I downloaded the image to observe it a bit closer, being a novice with image enhancement, it still did not prevail to convince me otherwise of what was claimed to be. (No disrespect to the up loader, as they were uncertain as well!)
      Continuing of my viewing of the image, I observed the way the image was taken, have a good look, you have 2 people pointing to something in the sky, you have one lady with her hand to her face, as if she was in all astonishment/amazement and then you have the person in the background (I just love this guy), basically/bluntly laughing at them.(not really a very convincing factor for me and I would be bold enough to say others as well)
      To go more into depth, there are so many other options of what this could be (excluding the fact that it is very highly a PLASTIC BAG of some sort) also excluding that there was no tampering with the image (edited etc.) it could be a cloud formation ( Nimbus ), it resembles more likeness to an absorbing cloud of the Cumulus or Stratocumulus cloud (as you would clearly see more Cirrus and Cirrocumulus cloud formation in the image.
      It could have been a bird, a hang glider, doubt that it’s a plane unless it’s a one or two man plane (possible as well)
      Nevertheless, to all of the above mentioned and all the possibilities that it could be, personally, I think there was no reason for your disrespectful comment.
      Here is a FREE POINTER for Michelle, treat others the way you want to be treated (unless, if you like to be treated with disrespect, keep in mind others don’t)
      Apologies for the spelling and grammar, was in haste to reply, busy at the office and all…
      Kind Regards
      The guy that spotted a PLASTIC BAG! 

  3. Hmm, I downloaded the file and ran a metadata check on the image… seems there was no photomanipulation re. photoshop or anything. Seems like a legitimate image, my theory is a triangular shaped aircraft, like the B2 bomber.

  4. I’ve just had an experience with strange lights in the skies at night..
    If possible, please send me those pics, I’d really like to see more..

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