Flying Object

Tonight 31/12/2018 a flying object in the night sky caught my attention as it appeared first as a very bright light until it came closer and then I could see small red and white lights. I thought it was a passenger jet but it made no sound and passed from south to north of the Southern Peninsula, Cape Town. I could not distinguish a shape, but thought it was unusual as there was no sound. It was travelling at the speed of a passenger jet one can see and hear on any given day. I pointed it out to my daughter who also wondered why there was no sound!

4 thoughts on “Flying Object

  1. Any pictures ? Or other witnesses ?

  2. In the Table View area,there are lots,even a (3 sisters)earlyer this evening they where situated on the right hand size of my house and later on the left.Are these drowns?

    • We are in Table View and we saw two bright, white lights this evening moving across the sky at high speed and then they “faded” out. They did not look like drones and were moving at high speed at high altitude.

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