Flying object in Roodepoort/ Little Falls

Time and date: 1 March 2015 at 1 AM
Place: Roodepoort
Submitted by: Elizabeth Poverello

In the early hours (1ish am) of 1st March 2015 in the Roodepoort area (I live in little falls) saw an object brighter and much bigger than a star moving in the night sky. The shape was that of a star/cross and it moved first in one direction – just a little faster than a plane – then it went backwards then made a side turn then moved forward again. These movements were very abnormal to that of any aircraft I’ve ever seen and fairly fast. It then remained still for the next few minutes before the cloud cover blocked my view. My windows were closed so I didn’t hear anything. My mother has seen the same object too in our area.

One thought on “Flying object in Roodepoort/ Little Falls

  1. Hi Elizabeth i had the same experience on the 26 February 2015 on the west-coast. I was shocked to read your description, because that’s the exact description i gave to a friend of mine.

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