Flying craft Disappeared Boksburg

Date: 14/07/2016
Time: 06:00 pm
Place: Jet Park Road
Submitted by: AA


What appeared to be an airplane(but obviously was not) was in the sky
Huge yellow headlights and now that i recall NO FLASHING LIGHTS hovered and then slowly disappeared on the spot.

Anybody else notice

One thought on “Flying craft Disappeared Boksburg

  1. Hi I live in Meyerton and saw a similar craft on at least 6 occasions during 2015 -craft travelled quite slowly /silently with large yellow/white lights which I assume were on the ends of the “wings” but widely spaced which faded smaller until out completely _we are talking of seconds here and craft was no longer visible_when I say no longer visible I couldn’t see the actual craft itself or shape ect even with binos on one sighting it looked like it was going to hover _the time of viewing was always just after dark around 6.30 _6.45 pm always going from south to north keep looking at the same time and you might see it again

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