Fluttering UFOs in Kimberley

Place: Kimberley, Northern Cape
Time and date: 18/10/2012 at 16:30
Submitted by: Michael Hawthorne

I saw similar objects over Kimberley at first we only notice one of the object and thought it was paper or debris blown up into the sky by wind because it looked like it was fluttering. Then we saw 3 more object far apart on the skyline. To describe their movement. While they were fluttering like kites in high wind they would sway from side to side like if it is a kite being held in place by a rope. They were oddly shaped difficult to say for sure but triangle in shape and fluttering.

Michael says the objects looked similar to these in the Paarl UFO post.

3 thoughts on “Fluttering UFOs in Kimberley

  1. Just saw a brolight moving light as the ones on planes but not flashing high up in the sky. i followed it till right above my head and it started to get fainter and just vanished. i made sure to look in the direction for any clouds as no clouds are visible tonight, just brillian stars. this is the first time iv’e seen something just getting fainter from a bright spot the size of the lower left star in orion . 26/02/2016 at 20h25.

  2. Sorry for miss types, small keypad.

  3. Please send me any pictures of UFOs you have. It is very important to us. Ive learned a lot about them over the years. I will be very greatefull.

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