Flashing UFO in Cape Town + Photo & Video

UFO Cape Town

Place: Cape Town
Time and date: 17/01/2013
Submitted by: Janice Mercury Small

As I was entering the gates of my house a bright yellow flashing light caught my eye. It moved at a fast speed at a very high altitude. It had inconsistent light flashing unlike that of any other aircraft I have seen. There was no sound.what I saw in the sky and what I have captured on video was not the same. I just saw the inconsistent light flashing yet it seems to be moving at an extremely high speed in all directions. I can’t explain why.

UFO Cape Town

One thought on “Flashing UFO in Cape Town + Photo & Video

  1. Saw exactly the same two evenings. Same size perhaps….very high. But the flashing is spot on. Same erratic flashing. It was a plasma…laser kind of green. Not a strobe or led green. Very cool.

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