Flashing Stars in Ballito, KZN

Time and date: 4 November 2015 at 19:20 to 19:25
Place: Ballito
Submitted by: Marcel

We have been witnessing these strange sightings numerous times. On 04/11/2015 it happened again. Apart from the occasional satellites orbiting the nightsky we saw a flash a pause (4 to 5 secs) another flash pause flash again. Maybe 5 to 6 flashes. It is brighter than a star and is the same size as a star relatively speaking. It happens around the same time evenings at around 19:20 to 19:25. It can be seen in a east to south easterly direction close to the milkyway. Don’t know if it is a coincidence but on this occasion the flashes appeared when there was a satellite passing in the same vicinity. Anyone got ideas or know what it is? Next time will try to film it.

3 thoughts on “Flashing Stars in Ballito, KZN

  1. I have seen the exact same thing…I often have smoke outside at night and try and spot satellites…on one night in particular, (cant remember what day but last 2 months for sure). I noticed strange things that were not typical of a normal sighting. There was a number of things on that night that seemed strange. Never seen satellites move in tandem and it happened that night, I know that they share orbits so its possible, just never seen it before. As for the flashing satellite, saw that one too that night as well. Was a steady blinking of the light as per typical aircraft but not at the altitude, and not in that manner. Thought it may have been atmospheric distortion on the light.

    • I woke up today on Christmas in a mood to find out what phenomenon I experienced 3 days earlier on the 22nd of December 2015 don’t really know the time exactly but it was after 11pm South African time .

      I was laying on the sleeper couch on the balcony looking at the stars . I have a very open mind so I’m constantly looking in the sky all the time because it feels like I never want to miss seeing something I would love to. I then got the feeling that I really just want to see something for a sense of astonishment (even if it was just a shooting star) I sat for about 20 minutes then lay on my side and could then see more stars ,including the southern cross.

      I lay like this for only about five minutes and I was looking at the southern cross mostly the whole time , noticing the equalatral triangle and the faded star on the left which give the illusion of a pyramid .Then my imagination was drawn to making the lines for the southern cross when suddenly where the two points meet and make a cross blinks a bright star for about 2 seconds then off . I was confused for only about 4 seconds when I noticed it pop popped up 20cm (my view obviously ) North North West for 2 seconds then off . Straight away I thought this might be travelling in a straight line . I looked 20 cm North North west of where I previously saw it blink for the second time so that I could see it for longer and boom it popped up again . I did the same once more and it blinked just under the lining of the balcony roof for 2 seconds then off.

      unexplained blinking stars .I can try draw it or make a video of it if you want so I can explain it better If you didn’t understand.
      If you can tell me or can give me details to who maybe can would be amazing because I would love to know what it was and I can’t find it on the Internet .

    • I know that sometimes when you follow a satellite you can experience an iridium flare. This is when the satellite become brighter (flares up) as you follow it. Usually lasts a second or two.

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