Flashing star like light, but moving suddenly and then disappearing

Date: 31/03/2017
Time: 11:10 am
Place: Pretoria East
Submitted by: Ma'at


I was having a smoke on my porch when my eye caught what I thought was an aeroplane, as I often watch them flying smoothly through the air. This time though it seemed to remain in one location for about 5sec. My friend was with me and I pointed it out, but he could not see it as the tree was in front of his view. I stood up from my porch furniture to get a better view as it instantly moved approximately two thumbs to the left. The flashing was more pronounced than normal aeroplane flashing. My friend came running but then it moved again to just below my neighbor’s roof. I stood on my toes and saw it again as it moved up another two thumbs after which it simply disappeared. My friend missed it..

PS. I have recently been studying ancient mythology from around the world and perhaps gained a sense of spirituality. I would like all those who have seen a ufo to comment here about what state of mind, or life circumstances they were in during the viewing. I don’t believe we are crazy, but perhaps aliens,or whatever spiritual beings they are, might appear to certain people due to their understanding of forbidden knowledge or perhaps because they are a threat in some way. So please comment so that we can find out.


2 thoughts on “Flashing star like light, but moving suddenly and then disappearing

  1. Hi my friend – this is the new paradigm – Exploring ourselves in a conscious and higher way and sometimes the effects or symptoms we experience is “contact” with other beings from othe dimensions or planets etc. it is becoming more and more common in my life and I now actively, consciously, peacefully interact with them when I am out watching stars some nights. If you are interested, look into the CE-5 initiative. Then search for the Cape Town or Gauteng group 🙂 Welcome to the new world my friend. Warm regards, Ashley. http://www.sacseti.co.za

  2. Timothy Woodruff

    Hey I think I have a good idea of the phenomenon your seeing. There a couple of us doing this gauteng it’s awesome. Get hold of me and il add you to the group

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