Flashing moving star

Time and date: 30 December 2013 at 21:19
Place: Marquard, Free State
Submitted by: SD Naudé

It’s probably a satellite, but I spotted a moving and flashing “brightly” object in the sky. I’ve got a app on my phone which shows satellites but the app showed nothing near. Spotted from Marquard, Free State at 21:19. Sorry this might sound like silly questions, but can you still see satellites at this time of night and do they flash?

3 thoughts on “Flashing moving star

  1. I saw what first looked like a moving satelite to a zig zaging satelite, changing its course. I was not alone. The sighting was in Heidelberg, Western Cape

  2. They say that you can view satellites only for an hour after the sun has set. It is the whole reflecting sun thing they say but it is strange how a 30 meter based object can reflect the sun and be seen from the ground. Almost every night for the past 2 months after sunset I have seen stars moving, they say it is satellites but I am not sure?

    I have also seen one bright orange light over by Lanseria Airport, the object was round and stood still and started getting longer at the bottom and moved slowly away until the trees blocked my view.

  3. A satellite can be seen at any time, but that means that the sunlight must be able to reach it and strike the correct angle for reflection. If it is 12 at night you won’t see a satellite at 12 high in the sky since it is moving in earth’s shadow and out of the suns line of rays.

    A satellite will continue in a Geodesic line (a perceived straight line since it is actually moving in curved space up there (its a whole Einstein thing)) But for intent and purposes it will seem to be moving in a straight line and at a constant speed.

    If you do see a satellite the intensity of the light may vary slightly as it crosses the sky since the sun might hit different angles on it as it changes position.


    December I saw my first ever “UFO” I just loaded a small clip of video. It was on the other side of krugersdorp from Lanseria. It was very late at night. I wish I was able to go closer to it. I wanted to jump in my vehicle but it seemed this thing was a few 1000 feet high, so driving towards it would not have made a difference in getting better footage.

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