Flashing lights in Mtwalume

Time and date: 23 January 2015 at 7:30 PM
Place: Mtwalume on KZN South Coast
Submitted by: Julie Titchmarsh

On Friday 23rd Jan 2015 at about 7:30 pm at Mtwalume on KZN South Coast the sky was very clear. Looked up and saw a bright white light zooming across the sky in easterly direction. Was not like a shooting star. The white light went out and then started flashing red and green. While we were watching it, what appeared to be a bright star moved across the sky in a northerly direction. There were also several bright flashes in the sky in different places. The red and green flashing object appeared to be moving up and down. This activity carried on for several hours.

On 24th Feb, also in Mtwalume white lights were seen rising from the sea, arching up above the sea and then going down into the sea again. There were also flashes of bright white lights in the sky. This happened at about 11pm.

All these sightings were not fireworks or magic lanterns. In fact, one magic lantern was let off by one of the residents and ed in a north to south direction. Very different to the direction of the other lights which were much higher in the sky. Also a different colour.

One thought on “Flashing lights in Mtwalume

  1. “There were also several bright flashes in the sky in different places”

    I can relate to this part of your sighting. I have seen these flashes maybe 4 times up until now in the ballito area. Don’t know if you saw the same kind. Mine was like a camera flash going off. Same size as a star only brighter. And whats weird was that the flashes were in different locations not following a straight line.

    Keep on looking up!!

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