Flashing light and white dot – Rondebosch

Time and date: 5 December 2015 at 6 PM
Place: Rondebosch, Cape Town
Submitted by: Kathy Fieldgate

Had 2 strange happenings this evening (05/12/2015). The first experience was at about 6pm. I saw a white dot in sky moving in a NE direction. It was very high in sky and was moving erratically. It was visible for a long time.

The second event was at about 8:20pm. We could see a flashing light moving in a roughly south to north direction. Also moving erratically. The flash of light seemed to grow brighter & bigger & then suddenly go of. There were no other lights like with a plane & no set intervals between flashes. It was also very high up & there was no sound.

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